Ubercorn is an anthropomorphic male unicorn who is the Go Jetters' mentor and friend. He keeps the Jet Pad under control, assigns the Go Jetters on missions, and uses his high-tech turntable to equip them with special gadgets called 'click-ons'. In every episode, he tells his top three funky facts about the place they are going to visit.


Ubercorn is positive, enthusiastic, and somewhat flamboyant. He loves the world, northern lights, pizza, and especially disco; however, some of his mannerisms are associated with hip-hop. He raps occasionally and he sometimes performs disco or hip-hop dance moves. He is very smart when it comes to geography. He is always lively and encouraging.


Ubercorn is white with purple hair, pinkish red glittery hooves, and a golden glittery horn. He wears a sparkly white spandex disco jumpsuit with light blue stars and a blue zipper. The hems of the jumpsuit have rainbow iridescence. He also wears light purple goggles with a red strap.

In his concept art, he is not fully anthropomorphic and is instead on 4 legs instead of 2.


"Funky facts time!" -- Multiple episodes

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