Ward is the bodyguard of Rodrick Heffley's band, Löded Diper. One of Rodrick's friends and a minor character in the series, he is usually seen hanging out with the Löded Diper members. Ward usually wears sunglasses, and appears to have a large nose. It is unknown if the spots on his face are pimples or freckles. His only known action in The Last Straw is talking to Rodrick by phone, debating whether a person could vomit when standing on their head. Otherwise, he is usually shown trying to guard the Löded Diper members when they are performing.



  • The logo on his T-shirt shows a surprising similarity to the WWE logo.
    • In the online book, Greg mentions he is obsessed with WWE and believes its real, so this might be the reason, but it isn't explained in the books.
  • He doesn't appear or is mentioned in the films.
  • Ironically, "The Old English" name Ward derives from an occupational surname for a civil guard/keeper of the watch.
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