When Zac thinks the girls are missing, he plays detective and goes on a search with Kaz. However when Zac attempts to lure out a hotdog burglar he believes the girls are searching for, he ends up attracting a bear who wants the hotdogs that Zac and Kaz are using as bait for the burglar. Fortunately, the girls manage to save them from the hungry bear.

  • Note: Zac's Super Zoom Flyer magic carpet from "Wild Carpet Chase" is used by Zac and Kaz in this episode. Humorously Zac reveals to always carry green Deerstalker cap and fake mustache which he wears while playing detective during the episode. Interestingly, despite it being previously stated that mustard doesn't exist in Zahramay Falls, the bear is shown to inexplicably have a bottle of mustard which it uses to add mustard to a hotdog Zac drops, however this was likely for humorous effect.
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