Shimmer and Shine Zeta the Sorceress

Zeta is Princess Samira's rival, who will do anything to become the most powerful person in Zahramay Falls. She is not very skilled at being evil. Her plans are always thwarted by the genies. Zeta hates being called a genie and is quick to correct people who mistake her for one.


Zeta has green eyes and purple hair. As a sorceress, she wears green shoes and a dark blue/purple dress. As a genie, she wears blue glasses and a teal outfit.


Season 2

  • "Welcome to Zahramay Falls"
  • "All Bottled Up"
  • "Zoom Zahramay"
  • "Flying Flour"
  • "Snow Place We'd Rather Be"
  • "Starry Night Sleepover"
  • "Wild Carpet Chase"
  • "Lost and Found"
  • "Freeze-amay Falls"
  • "Bling, Bling"
  • "Staffinated"
  • "Dragon Pox"
  • "Lightning in a Bottle" (mentioned)
  • "Size of the Beholder"
  • "Zoomicorn Toss"
  • "Double Trouble"
  • "Volcano Drain-o"
  • "Cleanie Genies"
  • "Now You See Her"
  • "Untamed Talent"
  • "The Crystal Queen"
  • "Boom Zahra-Mom"
  • "Zeta in Training"
  • "Masquerade Charade"
  • "The Silent Treatment"
  • "Potion Control"
  • "Easy as Pie"
  • "Bungle in the Jungle"

Season 3 

  • "Carpet Troubles"
  • "Dragon Tales"
  • "Samira and Zeta"
  • "The Zeta Touch"
  • "Genie for a Day"
  • "Abraca-Nope"
  • "Treehouse Retreat"
  • "Nazboo's Family Reunion"
  • "Hounded"
  • "The Sorceress' Apprentice"
  • "The Glitter Genie"
  • "Dance Magic"
  • "Waterbent"
  • "Pet Games"
  • "Zahramay Dreams"
  • "Zahra-Glow"


  • Zeta is the only character living in Zahramay Falls who is not a genie.
  • Zeta drives a flying motorcycle with a sidecar for Nazboo.
  • Zeta's voice actress, Lacey Chabert, previously provided the voice of Eliza on The Wild Thornberrys.
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